Top Bathroom Design Trends For 2023

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We have reached out to several interior designers to find out which bathroom design trends they are most excited about in 2023. If you have identified some 2023 bathroom trends that you would like to implement in your own home but you need some assistance doing it, our leading bathroom designers have got you covered. Here’s what designers are keeping their eyes open for bathroom trends in 2023 – from materials and paint colours to flooring; these ideas will help you to design a beautiful space.

Embracing the colours in 2023 bathroom trends gives us the opportunity for a more stylish bathroom design. That is, bathroom colours for 2023 are very much in line with creating white colours. The trends for 2023 suggest you can maintain a tone for your bathrooms, creating an amazing interior. The wood-like appearance of bathrooms is going to be a highly sought-after trend this coming year as well.

toilet suiteOne of the most exciting trends in bathrooms for 2023 is the new twist on the older material. It is not surprising that this classic topic has been among the biggest trends for bathroom tiles in 2023. Whatever style you choose to go with your bathroom, these tile trends are sure to hit the right notes this coming year and the years after.

With one of our favourite bathroom tile trends of 2023, vertical tiles could make your space even more spectacular. Metal or gloss tiles have a reflective quality as well. The major trend for bathrooms, 2023 specifically, will be bringing calmness to the indoors.

Bringing colour and patterns back, making rooms look multi-layered, lived-in, and like well-loved homes, is the upcoming thing in bathroom design. Bold colours and patterns using tiles are also expected to be a big thing next year. Since 2021, minimalistic bathroom design trends have moved toward more colourful, patterned tiles.

With a black-on-black design, the modern approach to bathroom trends for 2023 captures the eye the best. Many Interior Design Trends include Beige. Shades of Blue and Sea Green are also going to be popular bathroom colours.

The bathroom colours for 2023 feature the two sides of the colour wheel, both hot and cool tones. This makes the interior stand out even more.

While geometric flooring and wall coverings have been here forever, in 2023, the most popular bathroom tile trends are opening up for some new variations. To find the best bathroom tile trends for the coming year, we reached out to experts in the home design industry to get their opinions on the most popular options. Older trends, and newer ones, are all about making the most out of the bathrooms you love.

The most popular bathroom designs for the coming year include Japanese and Wabi-Sabi, which both emphasise natural materials, clean lines, and spa-like elements. For bathrooms, there are a lot of different trends to pick up, including Japandi and currently trending Wabi-Sabi designs that incorporate natural stones. Natural stone is poised to grow in popularity for surfaces in bathrooms as people look for ways to bring a sense of luxury and style into their spaces. Sleek, simple designs will remain popular as people seek ways to declutter their homes and lives.

Whether you are looking to make a major overhaul or just freshen up the space, geometrical and patterned tiles are an excellent way to bring some personality into a bath. The tiles can fit into various styles and trends, ranging from minimal to contemporary minimalist. If you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom in the coming years, consider adding one or more of these tile trends into the space.

If you are planning on a bathroom remodel, consider adding a few curved elements to the design. Whether you are planning an entire, remodel or just looking to revamp the style of your bathroom, consider including a stand-alone shower tub in the design.

Vanities can also add a hint of luxury to the bathroom, making it more of a spa experience. Having shaving cabinets that complement the entire look can make a big difference. Always keep in mind that beauty lies in the details. Therefore, selecting the right toilet suite is important to elevate the feel of the space.

You can never go wrong by incorporating some gold into your design. It can be just a hint of colour or some pattern that lifts the entire theme of the room.

All in all, planning is essential to create your dream bathroom. Try to consider the latest trends, and add your special touch to them to achieve the best results.