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Office Fitout Solutions is a Melbourne-based contractor providing office fitout, custom joinery, commercial office renovations, and interior design services to organizations of all sizes. Bowen Interiors is the leading Melbourne-based commercial interior design firm specializing in office fitouts, as well as furniture solutions.

Trendy restaurant furniture for outdoor seating areas, comfortable chairs for doctors waiting rooms, and stylish desks that can be tailored to the tiniest office spaces; Interior Secrets has commercial fitout solutions for homes across Melbourne and Sydney that motivate and inspire — all without stretching your budget. Or, for a few fitting ideas to get you grounded – see this post about maximizing tiny office space. With just a few tweaks in your office setup, such as moving some key items/walls/furniture, it could result in huge returns for a small investment.

Changing office spaces can be difficult to handle as no company wants to interrupt its workflow when an office fit-out is being done. If evolving workplace culture is calling for new and innovative work solutions, it is important to evaluate if your existing office setup is an asset or liability. Whether you are looking at new office fittings as part of your expansion or renovation, doing so with an experienced team can save time and energy.

No matter what you are more inspired by, or what you are looking to accomplish, office fit-out professionals can assist in any Perth business fitting-out. IC Corporate Interiors specializes in commercial office fitouts, and they know how to deliver creative, inspiring office design and fitouts that fits the style and needs of your business. Office Fit Outs by IC Corporate are focused on the flexibility of a modern office environment and are designed around user needs and the jobs that they do.

IC Corporate Interiors offers an array of ergonomic office furniture including chairs, desks, and workstations. IC Corporate Interiors can design custom office furniture that meets the needs of the job, while also complementing the appearance of the space. By working with a corporate interiors firm, it is easy to replicate similar looks throughout the office space.

This corporate office fit-out for global company Wilton & Bain is an excellent example of using color in the interior. Not office space, but this commercial building designed by Agents of Architecture, Melbourne is worth mentioning too. When it comes to environmentally-friendly design and giving back to the community, this office is easy to knock off the architecture cake.

This culture-driven workplace in San Diego is setting serious goals when it comes to break-out-space design, thanks to the distinct industrial feel. Instead of just building a ladder leading from one area to the next.


Slack’s most impressive achievement, though, comes in the form of its asymmetrical design: Many rooms have unique geometric shapes, which are meant to decrease noise and echo within a space. Slacks New York office provides a cosy atmosphere but does not compromise on unique design aesthetics.

Since you might not have the same amount of space to work in at your Perth office, you will have to create an illusion of greater space to achieve similar effects. While function is very important in your office setup, it is also important to think about the aesthetics of your space. An office’s interior design has a profound effect on the way employees perform, as well as the client’s perceptions of your company.

It is important for an environment to not only fit a purpose and provide support to the employees you have but to also be an inviting, visually attractive, welcoming environment. Your office environment has the potential to dramatically impact your team’s morale and productivity, so put great emphasis on creating working environments that are not just functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Office spaces that are mindful of various working styles can make it easier for employees of various preferences to function comfortably.

The physical design of office spaces often conveys the values of the business, and getting them right can play an important role in recruiting talent and communicating the corporate brand. You can build an all-around great office when you design to match your goals, vision, and values.


The driving motivator for strategically designed offices is the tangible boost to productivity and efficiency. With more than half of the space (55%), devoted to the collaborative, team, and landing work rather than devoted to solo mission-based work, this is an office that embraced the latest in office design thinking and delivers at all levels

Our professional Vision Corporate Interiors team is comprised of skilled builders, designers, and cabinet makers who have years of experience with office fittings and spatial solutions. Adept Office has an extensive selection of stylish, sturdy pieces that can suit every type of office. We have put together a list of the top 11 office design ideas that will inspire your next renovation or upgrade. Above all, strive for usability.

If you are considering office fittings, but do not know where to begin, then Concept Commercial Interiors has an excellent team in office fittings Melbourne who can come and look at your space and make recommendations according to your company culture, requirements, plans, and your budget. To get reflected, the commercial office fitout design includes the decoration, furniture, equipment, and layout of workspaces (partitions, desks, meeting rooms). You may choose to utilize office aesthetics or design elements to project brand identity or enhance your office’s interior culture. Great design does not have to involve costly upgrades or moving offices: managers can implement many of the features that make Slack offices great by smartly streamlining the office’s layout adjustments and effectively using elements such as windows, walls, furniture, and lighting systems.