5 Design Tips for Kids’ Bathroom


Designing a kid’s bathroom can be a lot of fun. It can be a great opportunity for you to deepen the bond with your family by involving them in the process to help you design your dream home. Although some people might not think that bathroom is a space in which we can do much in design or decor, that is not true. Here are some amazing tips to help you design a kid’s bathroom.

Creating the perfect bathroom for your kids does not need to be as complicated as you might think. Here are some ways to tackle the challenges of designing a bathroom that works for your kids now and as they grow. Not only do small children grow up quickly and change, but having a bathroom with baby-sized fixtures and kid-like tiles or countertops is going to be difficult if you are trying to sell your existing home at some point down the line.

If you are a parent considering long-term usage or a home’s resale value, then having an entirely child-sized bathroom is not going to help. At the same time, a too-luxury bath is unfit for kids and likely would make you worry that they might break something. You need to ensure your child’s bathroom decor includes a set-up that allows small children to reach an additional towel or washcloth without having to stand on something else.

black tapwareYou could make coloured signs that blend into your bathroom decor and remind your kids about the importance of doing a certain task, like washing their hands. For instance, put blue or pink cards beside the basin that reminds them to brush their teeth twice a day. Adding some fun with little decorative touches is another way to make your bath appealing to kids.

For a bath theme to suit your kid, you can adopt the idea of their favourite colour, working it all over the room, into towels, bathmats, wall art, and shower curtains. You can still go for black tapware and add in some storage items to arrange your hair products and styling machines that you want to keep out of their reach. If there is only one bathroom in the home, then it becomes even more important as children can be a mass, and you don’t want to spend most of your time cleaning the bathroom again and again.

Try to involve them in the process by asking them what colour they like and where they would like to put their things. Explain to them how to arrange those items. Please remember, if you have two kids sharing the bathroom, go for a neutral colour palette and then add in accessories that represent both of them in some ways.

Use paint and accessories to easily change the bathroom to a toddler’s liking, to reflect the child’s personality as they grow and change. You will be surprised at how the details of the design transform your child’s bathroom into an interesting, creative space they will enjoy.

Trust us; you do not want to redo your kid’s bathroom in five or ten years, so choosing neutral materials is a good idea. You can play with some paints or add in their favourite superhero or princess curtain or towel to make them fall in love with that space. Even toothbrushes and pastes that are colourful and might have a picture of their favourite character can be enough to keep them excited for some time. Just try to update them from time to time so that they do not lose interest. We also need to encourage them to develop nice habits such as efficiently using water and keeping care of the indoor plants. Don’t forget – the new generation is our future, and it is high time that we also teach them the importance of little things and how our choices can affect others and the planet.

In a nutshell, the trick to creating a beautiful bathroom for your kids is to keep their present and future needs in mind. You don’t have to be super serious about all the stuff, but just try to make some smart choices to be more creative with the space.